“O Time, thou must untangle this, not I;
It is too hard a knot for me t’ untie.”

William Shakespeare

Sometimes, life indirectly tells us to take a passive position within our problems. It tells that we don't have the power to solve the problems that cross our way, wether it is because we are not the only ones concerned or because we don't know enough about it to solve it ourselves. Maybe there are some lessons we haven't learned yet and it's how shakepeare so well said; we have to let time untie the knots that life tied for us.
Because life's strength can't be compared to ours. It's like mother nature. We can try to prevent natural catastrophes but once she decides to destroy everything, she will. She will leave everything devastated, for whatever reason. And that's how life is. If it decides to fuck up our plans, in order to frustrate us, to leave us clueless, it will.
But I guess that there's always a purpose to it, people always say that everything happens for a reason but the catch is that we often, or mostly, never know what reason that is. But, sooner or later, those reasons come to the surface and the only thing we can do in those moments is to be strong enough to accept them and if possible, to learn the lesson life decided to teach us that time.

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