"And today I went shopping and talk is still cheap."

Well, I've been wondering for the last couple of days and, without meaning to sound negative, I have come to the fabulous conclusion that there is no more hope left for humanity. Personally, I've lost it all. And you know why? it just seems to me that people aren't based on honesty anymore. Honesty has become a rare value that is used by less people by the minute. And I think it's pretty frustrating, don't you?
Haven't you noticed that nowadays, the saying "I'll always be honest" has the same meaning has "If you were trapped in a tower, imprisoned by a furious Dragon, I would totally risk my life and save you."? What I mean is that asking for people to be honest is like asking them to risk their life for us. Something completely out of proportion and impossible to do for most of them. We are in a generation where people are unable to face their choices and actions and when they use people the way they've decided to, we become trash and they throw us in a cold, lonely corner and let us there to rot. As if we had some kind of label on us that says "to use until not usefull anymore" and they follow the instructions as precisely as they can.
Which is sad, actually. But the saddest part about all this sadness is that they insist on pronouncing words they don't mean, they insist on making us believe something that isn't actually there and we are the fools that trust those empty promises. Because, nowadays, to trust is one of the most dangerous risks a person can take. There is no such thing as genuine trust anymore, you can tell that everybody is afraid to poor their hearts out there because they know that someone will most likely take it away and jump on it with both feet.
And it's said that we have to be cautious, we have to watch for ourselves and try not to be dumb enough to be trapped but when soldiers are at war, they're told the same thing. They have to be cautious, they have to watch for themselves. But the thing is that we never know from where the bullets are shot. And we never know exactly who the shooter is until the moment has come where he's standing in front of us, gun in hand, to make sure that his bullet has perfurated the right spot.