"Reise, reise, Seemann reise, jeder tut's auf seine Weise."

Some time has passed since the last time I wrote in here. I know I already said that a few months ago, but lately there isn't really much to write about because usually the subjects are just old ghosts in new forms. They keep haunting you in new scenarios, impersonated by different people.

Have you ever felt like a fool, just like that, out of the blue, being crushed by an invisible power, something unable to be seen by the human eye but that always felt so palpable when you tried to free yourself of its grip? Yeah, I know, it's weird to imagine something if you've never experienced it before. I know it all too well and I still find it weird.

Long gone are the days when I could count with the fingers on my hands the times I just wished to disappear. To go away and just stay there, wherever I would eventually end up being. Just leave everything behind and not worry about anyhing or nobody.
Some call it 'to give up',
'to run away from problems', 'from responsabilities' ...
"Responsabilities" is a bizarre word, in my opinion. What are responsabilities? Who says you get to have them? Who says you have to go through with them? So many responsabilities come at such unfortunate times, with such a bad timing, due to unfortunate events. Which makes them unfortunate aswell.

And people.


People are the worst part of it all.
Things are already so complicated, and still, they just don't quit it. They have to feed themselves out of everything they can find.

Mistakes. That's where they find the greatest nourishment of all. They love to
point fingers. Dirty ones.

That's why so many people don't live anymore. They just complain about everything instead of just trying to make it easier and to enjoy what they have instead of always concentrating on what they haven't. and miserable people will always bring misery upon others.

People were born to live, to be alive, and still, they insist on killing everything, everyone.

Killing themselves.

And becoming ghosts.

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