"I don't feel the same anymore.

Words, as sharp as a blade, that came out of her mouth in the most inappropriated timing. That's not usually what you give as an answer to your beloved after his proposal. That is not the answer people expect when they ask someone to marry them. And she knew that, she knew that very well. She also knew that those words weren't going to ruin her life, but they would definitely crash his.

She looked at him, as his staring eyes tried to understand why the words he just heard weren't "Yes, I do."

"What do you mean?" 

What does she mean? Yeah, that was a good question, indeed. A question for which she didn't have a concrete answer. But she just decided to improvise.

"I don't feel the same anymore when I look at you."

Ah, that's what she meant. And with that small sentence, allthough he loved her with all his heart and was ready to fight for her, he knew, deep down, that he had lost the woman he was ready to spend his life with.

"What do you mean?" 

Ah, repeting himself. He's obviously in inner-denial.

"It's not that hard to figure ..." 

And she obviously doesn't want to face her reasons and his fears.

"I would really like if you just explain to me what is wrong." 

What's wrong? Everything. But she won't say that, of course. Busy sparing the guy she just broke the heart. Like that is going to mend the damage already done. "

I don't know ... things are different. I can't really explain myself." 

What she meant to say is "I don't want to explain myself."

"At least ... try? I think I deserve at least an explanation, don't you think?" 

Fighting without hope. Romantic. "

*Sigh* ... You don't deserve me." 

Ah, yes, the easy way out. Make yourself the bad guy of this all. As if that would take away his pain.

"But why do you say that?! That isn't true." 


"It is." 


"How can you say that? Gosh ... you're everything I deserve to have. You are and have been all along the only thing I've always wanted. That's why I proposed. I didn't propose for nothing. I did it because you are my everything." 

At least he's honest. Which makes everything harder for her.

 "No ... trust me." 


"But, I love yo .." 

"Oh, stop it!" 

OUH .. I think she gave in. "

Just ... stop. Seriously, there is nothing to explain. You already know why I didn't say "Yes.". You know all the reasons that made me back out. Because those were the same reasons that made you propose. There is nothing between us anymore, we have lived everything that was there to live. It has been going on for months and you know it. And, the reason why you proposed is that you think that marriage could help build a new life for us. But marriage only is usefull to renew the life between a couple." 

There, she spoke the truth.

"Just give us one more chance, please ..." 

And he tries. Again.

"I'm sorry .. but we've been dead for way too long. And there's no way for us to come back to life."

The End. Literally.

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