true story

Why we all love How I met your mother? Well, it's because we all have a bit of Robin in us. We're all indepedent in a certain way and insecure about relationships and feelings. We also have a bit of Ted, those silly hopes that every person we meet in our life and that we fall in love with, could probably be our soulmate. We have a little bit of Lily in us, too, with that crazy and funny personality and a little bit of Marshall, because we all look like we're big and and strong, but in the end, we all possess the most warm heart in us. and, finaly, we're all like Barney, since we're all awesome in our own way.


  1. legen... wait for it.. dary!
    fiquei tao fodido ontem quando vi que esta semana nao saimenhum ep. novo...fodass agora so em janeiro!
    feliz ano novo se nao voltarmosa falar fic ja dito.
    desculpa pelo regresso se te fizer diferenca.