I am a 10!

I just finished watching 'She's out of my league' and I must say that I loved it and at one part of the movie I had sort of a click in my head. they were all talking about that guy being a 5, and the other one being a 7 and the other an 8 and that girl being an hard 10 and that guy that is a 5 doesn't deserve that girl. well, fuck that! who's to say who is what? nobody! why is he a 5? and why is she a 10? I mean, why? since when do we decide if that one person is not enough for us? since when? nobody can decide that. for the heart it doesn't matter, if the heart likes you, you're automaticaly a 10 to him. if you like someone, that person is a 10 to you, even if for others, she's just a 4 or 5 or whatever. and let me tell you that no matter what society says, no matter what rules are made up, I am a 10! I am a freaking 10! today I told someone that sometimes, I wish I was different and that sometimes I wanna cry because I think that I'll never be able to have an healthy relationship with anyone because of the fact that I never think I'm good enough. but who knows, I still have so much to learn, so much to accept and I will not bring myself down. at least I'll try. but one thing is for certain: I am a freaking 10 just like that girl on the movie. I might not make heads turn when I pass by others, but still, I'm a 10. I may not fit in a size 40, or even 38 or 36 but I am a 10! I may not impress others with every thing I do or say but that doesn't change the fact that I am a 10. and I better realize that soon. Because yes, I'm gonna repeat myself for the 100 time, but I am a 10. and for me, you are a 10, because my heart decided so. and I still don't know if that's something I should regret and feel sorry for, or not.


  1. a-d-o-r-e-i!
    detesto esta ideia de uma beleza estereotipada. nem toda a gente pode ser magro, ter olhos azuis, cabelo loiro, com altos apetrechos e ter 1,90m, porque se assim fosse, esta tal definição de beleza, mudaria instantaneamente, e para se ser bonito, tinha-se de ser moreno, olhos pretos e baixo. neste caso ganha a minoria, de maneira a que possa existir uma tal de pirâmide hierarquizada. opá, isto chateia-me mesmo. cada um é como é e devíamos saber respeitar isso. e mais, devíamos dar valor. ainda gostava de ver, se fossemos todos iguais. morríamos de tédio. é pena, a maioria das pessoas não perceber isso.