Yeah; I do feel sad. I don't know but that's a fact. I feel sad that I can't be with you. It's just that in the past couple of months you have become one of those people that we cherish just because of who and how they are. we cherish a simple talk about random things, it's enough to make me feel okay, to make me feel good. it might not mean much to others, but for me it does. after all, you are important to me and don't worry, I'll keep your gift and I'll give it to you, maybe in august who knows, even though I wouldn't mind keeping it. Jut kidding. anyway, yeah that's basically it. you're worth thinking about, you are worth the time I spend thinking about you and, of course I will miss the fact that there won't be more of those moments when we were close. but you are definitely worth missing. because believe, I will miss you, I start missing you since the first minute I left.

(este post é o post numero 666. evil, indeed.)


  1. a última frase, ehe :D

    oh baby, é mais que natural sentires tudo isso :/

  2. se calhar o texto, a pessoa a quem dedicas, e o número do post teem tudo a ver...
    its my number. 666, the number of the gift(beast).