Stand up and finish what you've started.

You know when people say that it's all in your hands? Well, they're completely right. No matter what you go through in life, no matter what problems you are forced to face, you are the one who decides. You are the one who decides how you want to feel, you have the power to make the changes, you have to be willing to live on the bright side of life, holding all your problems on your shoulders, that you take with you while walking down the road. And, once you arrive at the end, you know what you do? You throw those motherfuckers in the water and let them drown, so they can see who the fuck is in charge.


  1. gostei, determinação acima de tudo! :D

    e sim, claro que é para ti. és a minha jen e tens sido um grande apoio :) thank you so much honey! *