"Never taking chances, just in case I might be wrong."

Today, I was asked if I still have feelings for you. I guess my answer wasn't an answer, some noises don't really count as an answer. I felt my heart squeeze, my cheecks blush a bit, your voice shaked me again, your eyes meeting mine left me speechless for a few seconds, that's why I looked away, so you could stop stealing my words. But it was nice talking to you again, although you should stop being such a conceited jerk.
For a moment, I felt like crying, like now I guess. I just wish I could ... forget you, you know? You have too much of an affect on me, it's hard to even speak to you without feeling my body melt. These feelings are so overwhelming, like they have been since the beginning... but now it's different. Before, I think I had never been so much fed with hopes. That's why I was so hopeful and that's where I made a mistake. I should have been wiser, I shouldn't have fought for you. it was my first fight, and I lost. But now ... I don't even know what this is. Someone killed my hopes, all of them. I just feel the longing, it's still here, won't go away and it has come to stay. At least since the last 5 months, and for the few to come.


  1. Et geet net fir ze posten meng aentwert. x) Kuck mol opste lo eng e-mail krus hun nämlech matt enger aanerer e-mail gescheckt.

  2. Unfortunally, we always want what we can't have.

  3. well that's love... and sometimes it sucks :(