It was spring. the sun was barely showing, hidden by all the clowds that were covering the blue sky and there was nobody in the trainstation. it was 7 o'clock and a sunday. she always loved sundays, they had always brought a peace to her that none of the other days of the week could. that day was one of the days where she had nothing on her mind, so she enjoyed every minute of it. she grabbed her camera and started looking around her, in hope to find something that was worthy to be captured. as the wind blew, she took her velvet scarf and put it around her neck, as if she was protecting it from the freezing breeze that was surrounding her. her breath became visible, as smoke came out of her mouth and nose, while she was still trying to find something worthy to capture. she decided to walk for a while, maybe on her way to nowhere she would find something that would captivate her attention. and as the breeze blew her hair, she took her camera and put it in her purse, because she realized that right now, there was nothing worthy to capture, there was nothing that was worthy to be kept. "see you next week, sunday" she thought, while she was turning her back to the nothing that has walked with her all this time.

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