I Love London

since I was a little girl, it was always my dream to go back to my roots, the place where I was born: London. since those days where my mum used to tell me all about her life in London, I wanted to go there and explore it. but I never got that chance. or because the money was too tight, or there was no time, and lots of other excuses/reasons.

but I always kept that dream in my head. and one year ago, it finally happend: I went there. I was so happy that I didn't even realize that it was happening, until I got at the London Gatwick Airport. I must say, it wasn't the best time of my life, because well yeah...the company wasn't the best. in fact, it couldn't been worse, I think.

but still, one day, I'll go back there. and who knows, maybe I wont come back...

(pictures by myself)


  1. viva londolandia!

  2. say it louder : The playe where I was born : London.

    haha chapeau!