please be mine

is there something wrong with ourselfs when we try to make something happen that people apparently define as impossible or 'waste of time' ? or is it just that our willing is so strong and our feelings so real that it makes us take a chance/risk and decide to move on with hope that someday we'll have a taste of that (un)known happyness ? I mean .. even if I sometimes think that i'm insane by doing this , there are more times where I realize that it's a big part of what I've always wanted . i often go through my head and I wonder how it all came to this ? there are so many questions and I don't even know the answers , but I guess that soon , i'll know them . because all this waiting , all this tears and doubts , all this hope ... it will all come down to what I want/fear/wish the most .

com os erros aprende-se ? pois então deixem-me errar , eu estou aqui para aprender (;

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